Holly E. Freeman, Ph.D.


Holly: One of my good friends from my teaching days in Florida said to me a long time ago, “Holly, remember to save time to do one fun thing a day.” I always liked this idea and have basically decided to follow her advice ever since. For me, being outdoors is often instrumental to having fun. I could be outdoors exercising, painting, taking photos, or simply walking around the neighborhood. I also equate fun to being adventurous, doing exciting and interesting things, challenging myself, and exploring the world right at my doorstep as well as, far away from home. When I married my husband, John, in 2013, I found a great partner in my adventurous spirit and my drive to live life to the fullest. In 2014, our daughter, Everest, was born and as another friend commented to our tiny little girl in her first weeks of life, “Oh you little sweet thing, you don’t know what a life of adventurous torture you have in store for you.” Long before Everest was born, John and I promised each other that even with child in tow, we would not only continue to live an adventurous life, but make every effort to include our daughter in that life. Needless to say, and most importantly, we have spent the last three years culturing adventure in our daughter, and luckily getting to have fun alongside her. The purpose of this blog is to share our stories in an effort to encourage others to catch or rekindle the adventurous spirit and bring their children along with them.

Dr. Holly Freeman has been a public school educator for over 20 years. During this tenure, she has taught grades K-12. She has also had the privilege to teach the children of military personnel for the Department of Defense in South Korea and Germany. Additionally, she has taught in the Japanese school system. Dr. Freeman’s strength comes from her diverse educational background and career experience. Specifically, she has earned master’s degrees in science education and school counseling as well as a Ph.D. in educational technology. Currently, she develops curriculum, teaches education courses for various colleges and universities, designs and writes curriculum books and contributes to a curriculum blog, popuped.com. For the Pop-Up Education blog, she develops hands-on science, art, engineering, nature, travel, & art activities for kids, and tests them by “popping up” to teach in the local community.


Masters of Education, School Counseling, Lamar University 2014-2016.

Doctorate of Philosophy, North Central University 2007-2011.

Master of Arts, Science Education, University of South Florida 1994-1997

Certification in Gifted Education, University of South Florida 1994-1997.

Certification in Information Science, University of South Florida 1994-1997.

Bachelor of Science, Biology with a Minor in Chemistry, Berry College 1990-1994.


Adjunct in Early Education Department Ventura College 2016-present.

Science Systems Curriculum Writer + Blogger, Pop-Up Education, popped.com August 2017-present.

STEAM (Simple Machines) Educator, Museum of Ventura County. Jan. 2018.

Nature Camp Educator, Children’s World, Summers, 2017

School Counselor Intern E.O. Green Jr. High School 2016.

Science Teacher, High School Department of Defense Dependent Schools 2013-2014.

Information Specialist, High School  Department of Defense Dependent Schools 2010-2013.

Professional Development Online Course Developer and Instructor Department of Defense Dependent Schools 2013-2014.

Information Specialist K-2. Department of Defense Dependent Schools 2008-2010.

Adjunct Professor, University of Phoenix 2006-2007.

Educational Technologist (K-6), Department of Defense Dependent Schools 2005-2008.

Science Teacher, High School, Tarpon Springs High School 2004-2005.

Science Teacher and Educational Technologist, High School Palm Harbor University High School 1997-1999 and 2000-2004.

English, Language Arts, and Science Teacher, Middle School, Dunedin and J.F. Kennedy Middle School 1995-1997.

ESL Teacher, Japan, Nagano Japan Public School System 1999-2000

ESL Teacher, Eckerd College.


K-12 Gifted and Talented

K-12 Information Specialist

K-12 Educational Technologist

K-12 Computer Science


High School Biology

High School Chemistry

Middle Grade Science

Middle School Math

K-12 Physical Education

K-8 Art

Comp Ed Reading

K-6 Elementary School


Everest surfing in Maine.