Habitat Boxes: Beach


Habitat Boxes allow us to categorize collections, have a mini-nature experience at home, and share our experiences with others. We have boxes to collect natural material from beach, desert, forest, & river environments.

We love these hands-on experiences because they require children to use many senses. They feel, smell, and see natural objects. This sensory experience makes the environment more real, worth visiting, worth appreciating, worth protecting.

The beach habitat box contains sand, rocks, shells, driftwood, and seaweed. I have been known to add in relevent toys, like life cycle green sea turtles, made by SafariLTD to show animal life, and kinetic sand, because it simulates wet sand.  It goes without saying to be mindful of over-collecting, and do not remove items from National Parks.

Over time, we treasure these mini-habitats, and use them as a teaching tool to promote an ongoing appreciation for the natural world.





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