Personal Shield ~ A Journal Entry


The Personal Shield is an illustrative symbol that helps participants recognize components of their inner selves.  Creating a personal shield can be theraputic, a concious way to organize feelings and experiences. As the Thomas fires continue to burn around us here in Ventura, this kind of activity may be helpful as we process the intense experiences of the week.




coloring pens, pencils, or crayons

Set Up

Distribute materials and deliver teaching instructions.

Teaching Directions

Guide participants as they draw a shield that represents themselves and their values.

Draw the outline of a shield and begin drawing lines to create compartments within it to separate each sections.

In sections, include people who are important to you, meaningful events and places, personal accomplishments, what you believe you have to give and hope to teach others, what you aspire to learn, hopes for the future.  Finally, brainstorm what else represents who you are.


It is useful to repeat this exercise from time to time to see how it evolves.


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